Mission Statement

To create online transaction processing systems simply, using a methodology that is not prone to developers introducing coding errors, or Foolproof.

The generated application

    • has a full featured data security model
    • is multi user, multi group capable
    • can produce execution debug logs
    • has transaction audit trail capability
    • supports multiple data access modes
      • group mode
      • submitter mode
      • public access mode
    • can be customised

The generated application is provided to manage transactional information according to the user-defined data model, and to behave according to the user-defined attributes.

    The Foolproof Coding application itself serves as the best example of your generated application's look, feel and functionality.

    To interactively investigate your generated application features, register here for your 30-day free account at foolproofcoding.com , and use the Foolproof Coding interface to create your first project definition. All user interface elements, behaviours and application structure are the template for your generated application.

    The Foolproof Coding interface and system is generated using the Lambdacode full-stack J2EE generator, and the look and feel will be the same as provided to you in your generated application, different only with data elements and attributes that you have defined.