Payment Processing

The payment is the cost of the generator subscription, or permission to generate your defined project, per specified period.

Payment for the subscription period is via Paypal.

Paypal is the only supported payment method.

No payment information is stored on this site, or anywhere else. by Lambdacode Dot Com.

User accounts will allways be active after creation. There is no cost to create a user account. A valid user account may define projects. A user account may only generate deployable code if the subscription period is current.

Generator use is conditional on the subscription due date.

Subscription periods are in calendar days, and extend the generator use period from either

  • the time of the payment transaction
  • the current expiry date of the account

whichever is the greater.

This means that should you extend your subscription before it expires, the additional period is added to the existing expiry date.

All user accounts are initially given a free period to use the generator. This period will be added to the account creation time, and reflect on the Customer Details page in the Subscription Due Date field.