User registration creates an account on Foolproof Coder. The user identifier is the email address. The user defines their own password at registration.

It is important that the registered user maintains control of the email account used to register on this site, as it is the only way to reset the password for the user.

By using the service on this site, the user confirms that they understand their loss of access to the email account used to register here, means that password reset and account recovery on this site are not possible.

    Foolproof Coder does not permit more than one user per account.

    Multiple Foolproof Coder users engaged on the same application definition is not supported.

    The limitation on users per Foolproof Coder account is unrelated to the security access able to be defined defined for users and groups per generated application. A generated application has no limit to the number of users able to access it, except that imposed by the underlying hardware.