At foolproofcoding.com, you are offered a code generation service to develop full-stack J2EE applications for your J2EE application server.

You are presented with a series of web forms that are used to define your specific application requirement. Upon completion and validation of the web forms definition, the resulting .war file and .sql script will be available for download.

Once the application definition is successfully validated by the Lambdacode framework, the generated application can be deployed and will run, without developer introduced bugs.

The generated transaction processing system comprises

  • the user interface
  • the information processing logic
  • transactional middleware to manage database connectivity
  • the information management subsystem
  • the database structure.
  • the management application for the security database, JGSEC
  • the security database for JGSEC

Every time the generator is invoked successfully, five files are available for download :

  • the generated application .war file
  • the generated application mySQL source file
  • the security application JGSEC .war file
  • the security database JGSEC mySQL source file
  • installation instructions

Instruction to deploy your app on Tomcat 9 and Mysql or MariaDB will be provided.

A future option will be to automatically provision the generated J2EE application driectly to AWS.


The Lambdacode J2EE full-stack application generator was created in 2002, as a tool for rapid prototyping of J2EE application components. Intitially, this was user interface elements and database middleware code.

It quickly became evident that there is a fixed relationship between the underlying data model and all the elements that make up a J2EE application, and this formed the basis of the first completely generated J2EE application, which was delivered to the first client in late 2002.

The application generator has been expanded to include additional elements over time, such as email and SMS notification capability, user self-registration and password recovery.

It is now a fully fledged J2EE application creator, that requires no coding whatsoever for forms-based transaction management.

The application used to store and manage the definitions for the Lambdacode J2EE full stack generator, is generated by itself.


The Lambdacode J2EE full stack generator is itself built using Imatix GSL 2.0, a code generating Perl script developed by Pieter Hintjens.

The generator builds the application according to the Lambdacode proprietary framework.