Child Form Definition

Parent-Child relationships may be nested, with no limit. The UI is generated so that the display on a SHOW form of every child child data row has a Parent icon, for navigating to the row of the Parent table.

For every parent table, the UI for the SHOW form is generated to display all child forms as a tabbed menu in the bottom section of the page, with each subform row contents as a list presented on menu selection. Refer to the manpage Page Subforms Area.

Field Name Constraint Description
Parent Table ID Read Only The table which is a parent of the sub-form
Subform Table Name The table name s subform is based on
Subform Table Alias Alphanumeric, space, underscore The display name used on the user interface to reference this subform
New on Parent Radio list If the parent form displays a button to add a new entry to this subform
Created By Read Only User name of row creator
Last Updated By Read Only User name that last modified the row
Creation Date Read Only Timestamp of table row creation
Modified Date Read Only Timestamp of last table row data edit

    it is only possible to pick the subform or child name from a list, therefore it has to have been created already.