The generated application outputs to multiple logs.

    There is a single log file written to by the generated application. It is located in the CATALINA_HOME/logs directory, and is called [PROJECT_NAME]-[DATE]-[TIME].log . Every startup of the application will create a new log file.

    There are two logging modes - normal or debug. Normal mode will log exception conditions, debug mode will record all the decision outcomes being tracked in the codebase. The logging subsystem is designed to be non-blocking and lightweight. Running a production system in debug mode should not noticeably impact performance. Log entries are memory buffered for 30 seconds, then written. Should the system fail due to outside causes in those 30 seconds, such as a power failure, the log entries are lost.

    Logging modes are defined in the Tomcat server.xml, and if changed, the deployed Tomcat application must be restarted to effect.

    There is a database table in the generated project to which monitored database performance statistics are logged.

    It is possible to track database performance response over time by analysing these numbers, for example in a 3rd party graphing tool.

    There is a database table in the generated project to which debug info can be written from triggers and stored procedures. This is disabled by default.

    Decision oputcomes tracked in the trigger or procedure code will be written here.